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Who I am, and how Tiger Talk came about:

When I was a kid I loved horses. Though most men believe the attraction is sexual (do you have any idea how yucky boys-and their dangling participle--are to a 10 year old?), it is instead a promise of independence, power and strength, something most kids long for. At age 12 I had my first ride on a motorcycle, and I knew this was it: I couldn't keep a horse in the city,
but I could have one of these. And so I did.At the age of 20 (and already armed with the nickname "TigerLady") I bought a 1972 Honda K2 750 that I didn't know how to ride. A neighbor gave me a 10 minute lesson on braking, shifting and accelerating, watched me successfully go up and down my alley once, and quickly washed his hands of me. Two years later, trying to remedy my fear and lack of knowledge of the machine, I got a job at a Honda dealership behind the parts counter. I didn't even know how to put air in my tires, but soon the service mechanics adopted me, encouraging me to get my own tools and toolbox, showing me how they performed repairs, and how to repair my bike.

The apehanger handlebars were replaced with café bars; the radial rear tire and auto wheel kit were replaced with a K1 rim and motorcycle tire; the open velocity stacks were capped with K&N sponge filters, and the sissy bar wound up with the apehangers in the trash.

Through serendipity I was soon hanging out with the local Vincent Owners Club (VOC), and traveling cross country in large oily packs to attend their annual North American rallies. I even went to Isle of Man with Vincenteers for the annual TT, after which we split up and I did Scotland, Denmark, Germany, Holland, and France by myself on my trusty Honda 400F.

A few years later the Mean Bikee Chix (MBCs) evolved out of a small group of female friends and girlfriends of Vincenteers and Vincent groupies, and for some reason I was considered their ringleader. (Note: Vincent groupies are usually men--women prefer bikes that run, and run reliably.)

As the MBCs grew in charisma, hutzpah and menace, the VOC found itself relegated to auxiliary status, and members embarrassed themselves by competing ruthlessly at MBC Urban Rallies to become our Mr. Urban Rally. It was about this time I appointed myself Exalted Editress of the MBC Newsletter. Informative, attitudinal, gossipy and irreverent, its instant popularity gave me a taste of the power of le plume. Soon the MBCs were producing 'Hot Dates,' a parody featuring role reversal of the typical cheesecake garage calendar, with the dudes looking cute and silly and the chix in control.

In my beginning efforts to take over the motorcycling world, I became a columnist for IronWorks magazine. I also co-founded, produced and hosted Open Road Radio, a motorcycle talk radio show. After several years at ORR I started up the Atlas TT (for 'Tiger Talk') for Atlas Motor Vehicle, one of the first motorcycle-related Internet sites. I wrote whatever I damn well pleased and got paid for it, earning kudos and a few marriage proposals besides.

I also contributed to Thunder Press, MotorcycleWorld.com, Motorcycle Online, Motorcycle Product News, Cycleshark.com, Speed, Asphalt Angels, Woman Rider, Canadian Biker, and the 1999 Isle of Man TT Programme.

As a curatorial adviser to "The Art of the Motorcycle" at The Field Museum in Chicago, I contributed to the film "Two Wheels and a Twisty Highway" produced by The Field, and was a symposium panelist for "The Motorcycle as Art, Fetish and Transportation."

I also appointed myself queen of some very small countries and coerced my husband, the long-suffering Mr. TigerLady, to participate in my delusions. But that's another story, ans things are very different now that I'm medicated. I cannot visit certain very small countries anymore, and my husband insists I call him 'Dick.' (What's that all about?)

I now ride a Honda NT 650 Hawk GT, though I also lust for a BMW R1150R, and own a basket case Vincent Firefly, circa 1955, which the elves will assemble for me one day, as they have reassured me on numerous occasions. Whenever they can remain sober long enough-and somehow that's all my fault.

In the meantime I work full time in medical education, write a column and features for Long Riders, contribute to other magazines, and with the cessation of my monarchical duties I've decided to fill my spare time with the new, better, most splendiferous no-holds-barred Tiger Talk motorcycle e-zine here in TigerLady's Lair.

My intention is to focus on the wacky and passionate, report odd trends, reveal the truth, expose bikers as everyday people who like to live large, and in the meantime further everyone's enjoyment of motorcycling, whether you're a rider, a wannabe, or never thought about it before. If you dig it, email and tell me why. If you hate it, maybe you need some little pink pills, too!

If you know about something motorcycle-related that you think I would want to know about, or want to write something you think belongs in Tiger Talk, have your people email my people and let's dialog on it!Love, CCs and vroom vroom to all my fans!

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07/01        Motorcyclists' Safety
08/01        Women on Bikes: Vivre Le Difference!
09-10/01    Who's Zooming Who?
11-12/01    Fashion Statement, Fetish, or Basic Transportation?
01-02/02    Bike: the Anti-Bomb
03-04/02    A Rose by Any Other Name
05/02        Never Too Old to Learn
06/02        Chick Bike? No Thanks!
07/02        A New One on Me
08/02        Serendipity: It Could Happen!
09-10/02    I'm No Crotch Rocket Scientist, but…
11-12/02    My Parents and Biking: Never the Twain Shall Mix

01-02/02   Just in Case: Vicki Roberts' Accident Scene Management Course
06/02        Bloody Vincenteers: the Annual St. Vincent Day Massacre
11-12/02   Where the Girls Are Now: You, Your Bike, and the Kitchen Sink

04/97    Rat by Design: Rat Bike Profile
09/97    Iron Butt, Steel Will: Profile of an Iron Butt Rallyist
04/98    Motorcycle Safety-Or Sanctions?: Globalizing Safety Regulations
12/98    Motorcycles as Art?-You Bet!: The Guggenheim Show
07/00    Share a Ride, Save a Life: Bystander Trauma Assistance Programs
07/02    Requiem for the Sotheby's Motorcycle Auctions/ Roadog Rides Again

02/00       Women in Motorcycle Publishing
Spring 01  Back to Back: Passenger Vs. Pillion
Fall 01      Woman Riders on the Web
Fall 01      Calling All Brunnhilde Wannabes! (review of BMW's 2002 R1150RT, R1150R/                BMW's Savanna Suit and Biker Boots

02/00    Women's Work: MotaGear for Women's Wear
10/00    Women on Wheels: The 2nd AMA Women & Motorcycling Conference
02/01    Snell 2000: Gold Standard or Old Standard?
11/01    Hip, Hop, and Away: ACID design
01/02    Toosey's and Trackstar: A Different Kind of Bike Shop

12/99    Meeting of the Minds: Motorcycle Rights Organizations Conference
09/98    The Art of the Motorcycle, New York's Guggenheim Museum
01/99    Art of the Motorcycle at The Field Museum, Chicago
02/98    Betty Luback's Finder's Service
04/98    Open Road Radio: Motorcycle Talk Radio Show in Chicago
11/97    Iron Butt Madness
06/98    Dave Barr's High Adventure
05/98    On a Roll: Interview with Eric Buell
08/00    HOG Rally Review
02/01    New EPA Restrictions Threat

ATLAS TT ("Tiger Talk")-www.atlasmv.com/tiger/tttext.html
#1 06/99    Isle of Man
#2 06/99    Helge Pedersen Loops the Globe
#3 07/99    July 4th: Captain America and the British Invasion
#4 07/99    Racism in the Sport
#5 08/99    Old Bikes
#6 08/99    Street Extreme
#7 09/99    Racing
#8 09/99    America's Iron Fetish
#9 10/99    Scootermania
#10 11/99    Toys and Collectibles
#11 12/99    Women's Issue
#12 01/00    Stunt Riders
#13 02/00    Love Issue
#14 03/00    Aprils Fools
#15 04/99    Autocycles and Cycle Motors

MOTORCYCLE ONLINE (www.motorcycle.com)
Rare Bikes: Kersting's Cycle Center photo essay
The Art of the Motorcycle photo essay

12/99    Going, Going, GONE: Sotheby's Antique Motorcycle Auction
11/00    Women: Your Time is Now: AMA's Women & Motorcycling Conference

2000    Bikes & Chicks: The Rally Scene Stateside

9/16/00     Sotheby's Cycle Auction a Hit

12/92    My Identity as a Rider
02/93    Women on Bikes: Exploring the Differences Between the Sexes
04/93    We're Just Biking Fools: Comparisons Between Fools and Riding Folly
06/93    Shopping for Gear: Trials and Tribulations of the Female Rider
8/93     Bikers in the Media: Our Bad Rap
10/93    Style Vs. Substance
12/93    HOG Rally in Review
02/94    Have You Hugged Your Mechanic Lately?
04/94    Beaks and Fetes: The Dreaded Wienie Bite
05/94    Rumbling Along the E-Mail Trail
06/94    Bad Biker Films
08/94    Mean Bikee Chix Urban Rallies
10/94    Real Bikers™
11/94    Breakdowns of the Future: Taking the Fun Out of it With Technology
12/94    Biker Xmas

05/00    Doug Leikala: King of Harley Collectibles
08/00    AMA's Women & Motorcycling Conference
09/00    Motorcycle Museums Large and Small

9-10/99 What Kind of Harley is That?
11-12/99 Nature Vs. Nurture: When Motorcycling Collides with Your Mother's Disapproval
9-10/99 Wooing the Woman Customer

AMA Women & Motorcycling Conference
Aprilia Buys Moto Guzzi
Greg Frazier on His Third Loop Around the Globe
Guggenheim Hits Vegas!
HOG Rally Review
MROs: An Introduction
Pennsylvania ABATE Parking Discrimination Initiative
Motorcycle Safety-An Oxymoron?
Women on Bikes

06/98    Speed and Seduction: The New Ducatisti

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1992    University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL
          Masters of Arts, English
          Thesis: "Jamaica Kincaid: Between Two Worlds"
1991    University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL
          Bachelor of Arts, English

"Virginia's Secret": Co-curator of naïve fashion drawings circa 1920s, 30s and 40s. Exhibited at Leedy-Voulkos Art Center, 4/19-6/22, 2002, Kansas City, Missouri; Odin Gallery, 9/07-10/24, 2002, La Crosse, Wisconsin; and Razz Gallery, Reedsburg, WI, 11/3-18, 2000.

"Women & Motorcycling": Curatorial advisor to the American Motorcyclist Association's traveling exhibit, 2000. Contributed to roster of remarkable women journalists, filmmakers, and fine artists who ride for inclusion in the exhibit.

"The Art of the Motorcycle": Curatorial advisor to The Field Museum in Chicago for the Guggenheim exhibit, 1998-1999. Developed public events with Education Department staff and guest speakers, hosted film series, advised production staff and interviewed subjects for "Two Wheels and a Twisting Highway" film accompanying exhibit, panelist for "The Motorcycle as a Cultural Icon Symposium."

Atlas TT: Founder and editor of Web based motorcycle magazine for Atlas Motor Vehicle (www.atlasmv.com) from 1999-2000.
Open Road Radio: Founder, producer, host, and programmer of self-brokered motorcycle talk radio show from 1996-2001.

Quoted in "American Motorcyclist" magazine article "A Woman's Place: Woman Riders rule at AMA conference," 9/2002.

Radio show guest, "The Two Wheeled Power Hour," Monday 6 to 7 PM on WKBN (a Clear Channel station), Radio 570 in Youngstown, Ohio.

Interviewed by host Dick Lepley in 09/2002 on the AMA conference; in 11/01 on women in motorcycling.

Moderator, "Infiltrating Mainstream Media" Round Table, AMA Women & Motorcycling Conference, 2002.

Consulting editor of "Form X: The Newsletter for Xyloform," Lee Weitzman Furniture's retail line outlet store newsletter, Winter 2001, Spring 2002.

Profiled in "Walneck's Cycle Trader," summer, 2002.

Letter to the Editor, Motorcycle Product News, 03/2002.

Letter to the Editor, Motorcycle Consumer News, 11/2001.

Profiled in "Motomama," Issue 3, 2001.

Cover girl, "STOP," Vincent Owners Club newsletter, Jan-July 2001.

Awards medallion designer, Concerned Citizens of Newport for Groundwater Protection & Management, Wisconsin, 2000.

Film adviser and interviewer, "Two Wheels and a Twisting Highway," continuously screening film accompanying "The Art of the Motorcycle" Guggenheim exhibit at The Field Museum, 1998-1999.

Panelist speaker for "The Motorcycle as a Cultural Icon Symposium," adjunct educational activity to "The Art of the Motorcycle" Guggenheim exhibit at The Field Museum, 1998-1999.

Association of Standardized Patient Educators (ASPE), Executive Editor of ASPE Quarterly, 2002-present
Chicago Women in Publishing (CWIP), Executive Editor of CWIP Clips, 1993-1995

Standardized Patient Program Coordinator, 2001-Present
University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Standardized Patient Program and Facilities Manager, 1993-1997
Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago, IL

· Design, coordinate, and administer ongoing curriculum cells for first through fourth year medical students using 'professional patients,' also called 'standardized patients.'
· Hire, train and supervise standardized patients in instruction, assessment, and provision of written and oral feedback of and to medical students, from a patient's perspective.
· Design, equip and manage facility.
· Design and compose training, instructional and assessment materials.
· Budget development and expense monitoring.

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